About Concordia

Concordia is the brainchild of Gillian Humphreys OBE, International singer & broadcaster. The charity was established fifteen years ago out of her real concern to build bridges through music and the arts and to provide much needed concert platforms for emerging young artists. Raising money is part of Concordia’s mission, its many projects have included the Concordia Ward in a Macmillan Cancer Relief Hospice in Wales; Save the Children Fund in Argentina; the Salaj District Hospital, Romania; the Christian Praise Children’s Home, Philippines; & the Spastic Centre, New South Wales, Australia. Previous Concordia Artists include John Wilson, Alfie Boe, Andrew Haveron, Colin Lee & the Belcea Quartet.

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Fife Clubs

Since 2011, the Concordia Foundation has established sixteen Fife Clubs across the UK and Kenya, working with over 500 children and focusing on deprived areas, working with young people in less fortunate circumstances and giving them the opportunity of learning and owning a musical instrument, and to enjoy making music together.

Fife Clubs are not solely based around learning the fife. Workshops are an infusion of music history, theory, aural, concerts and games. The idea behind these clubs is that they introduce children to music in a practical, imaginative, educational and inspiring way. Fife lessons are often incorporated into termly projects, such as 'The Magic Fife Project' which involved learning about opera, singing, prop making and even falconry(!) as well as fife tuition. The fife also plays a big part in Concordia's Music for Life Project which began back in 2011 -read all about it on our 'Africa' page.

We at Concordia aim to make these clubs educational and enjoyable, and hope that the experience will lead to an appreciation of music. For those children who show a particular passion for it, we hope they go on to take up an orchestral instrument. We want every child who dreams of learning a musical instrument to have the chance to do so and if any child demonstrates a desire to pursue music after learning the fife, there are opportunities within the UK and Kenya to have instrumental lessons, join local clubs or orchestras. Through these initial fife starter lessons, they will already have a solid foundation to do so. MUSIC FOR ALL.

The Fife

The fife is a fantastic starting point for any practical music education & also acts as a great stepping stone for other woodwind instruments. The instrument itself is inexpensive and virtually indestructible, making it an ideal choice for projects of this nature. The hardest thing about playing the fife can be making the first sound, however, once the basics are achieved the instrument is not complicated. It can take some perseverance & specialist tuition to help students produce their first note, but most manage to achieve this in their first lesson. The fact that there is some sophistication to the embouchure placement and that instrument requires some commitment makes it a perfect (and realistic) foundation for any child wanting to pursue the dream of learning an orchestral instrument.

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